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Our Mission

To Be the Region’s Leading Eye Care Provider, Delivering the Most Advanced, Specialized Eye Care Services in a Compassionate, Patient-Centered Approach.

Our Commitment

Above all other principles, we affirm patients are the basis for our existence as an organization. We continuously strive to exceed the expectations and needs of each patient at every visit, or encounter. Our commitment to our patients is reflected in our employee’s attitude and respect towards others. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service and meeting our patients’ needs with the utmost care and courtesy. This commitment must be reflected in our behavior.

The Team

Eyes are among our most precious tools. Much of our quality of life depends on these windows to the world. Eyupdate Eye clinic lives by our mission by providing the newest technologies, treatments and surgical techniques as a team.

Eyeupdate Clinic is the region’s leading eye care center with experienced Eye-Doctors improving the quality of life for people like you. Our Board certified Eye-Doctors are among the most highly educated and trained specialists practicing in the World today. Our Ophthalmologists and Optometrists at Eyeupdate Eye Clinic are committed to delivering expert eye care to patients including general vision and specialty eye care, disease diagnosis, treatment, and surgical options.

At Eyeupdate Eye Clinic, we focus on quality, patient-centered eye care and are able to triage and treat many urgent and emergency situations right in the clinic.

Our Pediatric Ophthalmologists/Optometrists have the tremendous privilege of caring for kids to help them achieve their best vision. We understand, as parents, nothing is more important to you than your children, and like you, we want them to have a lifetime of excellent vision. Working with you, in a patient-centered approach, we treat your child’s eyes all the way from infancy through high school.

Outpatient surgical procedures, corrective lenses, and diagnostic and surgical treatment of eye diseases are available onsite. In addition, we offer a full-service Optical shop and Contact Lens department at each location.

To schedule an appointment, call: 07030000001



Eyeupdate Clinic & Optical Supplies, 01, Ajuwon junction, Ajuwon bus stop, Akute/Ajuwon Road, beside BPNL Filling Station, Ajuwon, Ifo, Ogun State. Tel: 07030000001.


Eyeupdate Clinic & Optical Supplies 222 Iju road, Balogun bus stop, Iju-Ishaga, Lagos, Nigeria. Tel: 08107531046

Eyeupdate Clinic & Optical Supplies, 20 Akute/Ajuwon Road, Akute, Ifo, Ogun State.Tel: 08034971582

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