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Prosthetic Contact Lenses

Prosthetic contact lenses are prescribed to mask flaws and improve the appearance of an eye disfigured from a birth defect, trauma, or eye disease. If certain structures of the injured or disfigured eye also fail to function properly, special prosthetic lenses can be designed to block excess light from reaching the back of the eye to reduce glare and...


Extended wear contact lenses: Are they safe?

Want to wake up with clear vision instead of searching for your glasses every time your alarm rings? If so, extended wear contact lenses might be the right choice for you. In general, contact lenses can be categorized into two types, based on how long they are approved to be worn before being removed: Daily...


Bandage Contact Lenses

The Case for Bandage Soft Contact Lenses A primer on the use of these therapeutic lenses to serve and protect the corneas of our patients. By Susan Gromacki, O.D., M.S., F.A.A.O. The concept of a protective eye bandage originated in the first century A.D., when Celsus reportedly applied a honey-soaked linen to the site of...